The General Reasons and Effects of Child Labor

Normally adults and people above age should work hard to earn money and maintain a happy life. The children should study and play well in the childhood stage and it is very essential for every child. The childhood stage is very helpful for living freely without any restriction so everyone considers the childhood period to be effective for human beings.  In recent days all around the world many children are facing child labor problems because of poverty. The proper awareness is important about child labor issues and what is child labor and what are the reasons behind child laboring. The children should enjoy their childhood but are now struggling with child labor issues. These days many countries totally want to eliminate child labor but it is highly difficult. The children not only miss the childhood happiness and also it is dangerous for physical and mental health of children.

These days many organizations are highly interested in eliminating child labor society but they are still facing various challenging issues. The child labor situation is initially formed by excessive population, poverty and unemployment. Poverty is a major reason for children facing child labor problems. Normally we can see that a very poor family should have many children and it is the reason for the poverty of the family and the fall of the children into child labor positions. The monthly income is essential for every family so parents force the children to go for factories, shops and other work. The children are also affected by boned child labor issues because of unable to make payment for a loan and these activities highly happen in villages. These are the things that highly affect children’s entire life so parents should protect and guide their children to go for a good way. Unemployment is another important problem and it almost continues in every country and it also turned into a big reason for child labor. The children should live happily without any difficulties so parents and shop owners and factory owners should not hire children for work and it is a legal offense for society. Education is highly important for children so they have to focus on studies and sports activities for better mental and physical health. The government should stop all possibilities of child labor for the good future of the nation. 

In these present days children’s lives are fully distracted into bad ways because of child labor issues. The child labor problem can create unwanted situations in the future so people have to work hard to avoid child labor situations.  These days’ numbers of small girls are also involved in prostitution because of poverty and child labor tortures. The children are also forced to steal something from others to fulfill the daily requirements and it continues even at adult age. These are the effects normally formed by unwanted and illegal child laboring situations. However now international organizations create some laws about child labor and those are highly good for children’s lives. Children’s safety is highly efficient for the growth of nations so we should not allow child laboring activities.   

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