Methods to let the children come to you

If you like to play with the kids and if you want your children to come and pay then you have to use some techniques to play with your kids because many children in the present environment get involved completely in video games or online mobile games. The children must play with parents or other children so that they will be having to communicate with others and also they will be more active. Parents, especially mothers, have to use some technique to divert the children from playing video games or online games and let the children come to me and play with some outdoor games. If the children play outdoor games in a park or playground where they will have some attachment with the environment. If they play with other children then they will be more active and fresh with atmosphere and if your little children want to come to you then you must make them happy by offering their favorite chocolates or any other items so that the child comes near to you. The children in today’s world will come to you if you show new video games or online games with more adventures or fun because the children growing up in today’s environment are more attached with the gaming world. If you show your mobile with games or funny videos then the children come to you and play with you. 

If you want any one of your relatives or your friend’s child to come to you when you show your hands towards it then some child may come immediately but some may not. Instead of that you can give any edible things like chocolate, any other snacks or if you show any toys or playing materials to the child then it comes to you immediately. Once I showed my hands to the child by hiding something in my hand to let the children come to me so that I can easily get the child to my side. If you want the child to be on your side then you must have enough patience and use any techniques to let the children come to you and avoid forcing the child to come to you because the child gets scared and starts to cry. Making the child cry is the main disadvantage so that the child never gets on your side and you must make the child feel happy so that the child can get to you easily. The children admire new things easily so that if you show any new things then automatically the child gets in touch with you. small children likes to go outside often so if you say that you are going for a shop then the child comes to you immediately so there are some small tricks for each child and if you use the tricks on the right time then  the child gets to you immediately.  

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