Healthy breakfast ideas for toddler

People, especially women, like to prepare various breakfast for their toddler, which is more important and also breakfast is healthy for the kids. Eating a healthy breakfast will reduce obesity and improve health and eating healthy breakfast habits will reduce the risk of disease in the health. Breakfast recipes full of sugar and without any calories will be healthy for the children. There are healthier ideas for the toddler which are available on the internet where you can prepare for your children which gives necessary protein and calcium and minerals to the children. Some healthy toddler breakfast ideas which are simple and easy to prepare and they are:

Smoothies – it is the best breakfast where people get more fruits, calcium and proteins, you can make cake batter smoothies or berry smoothies and the children will have fun and enjoy while drinking the smoothies. 

Miniature muffins – the mini muffins is easy to eat and the blueberry is safe fruit for the children to eat and it can be prepared within short period of time and also it good for the health with breakfast.

Cinnamon toast – children would like the cinnamon toast very much and it can be prepared by roasting the whole grain bread by spreading the bread with butter and sprinkle the cinnamon along with the sugar and serve the toast along with the fruit which helps to balance the meal. 

Oatmeal breakfast buffet – children were bored to eat the plain oatmeal so, you can make the oatmeal with the milk or salt also you can make the rainbow sprinkles or chopped nuts or honey or some other ingredients which gives the oatmeal delicious taste while eating.

Banana bites – you have to use fresh bananas to make this recipe where the banana bite recipe is fun and tasty, women need to feed her baby a healthy breakfast. 

Breakfast parfaits – the breakfast parfaits give delicious taste and children will be excited to eat the breakfast parfaits and you can make the recipe with fruits or any other ingredient can be used in the recipe which gives a delicious taste while drinking. 

Egg and cheese mini muffins – this recipe is very good for breakfast and it is healthy for the children and you can make the egg to scramble by heating it in the microwave for a few seconds which is the best breakfast recipe for the children.    

Miniature waffle sandwiches – the sandwiches can be made by using the peanut butter or jelly sandwiches by toasting the waffles with whole grain and it gives better taste when compared to other breakfast ideas. You should make a perfect size according to the toddler and make the recipe which is delicious and healthy. 

Creamy fruit rolls– this recipe can be made by mashing the banana or use some berry fruits and using the whole grain spread the cream of cheese as the thin layer of the recipe use the smashed fruits and slices the recipe into the spiral rolls.  

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