Choose stepping stones daycare school and make your kids knowledgeable  

People who are busy in their office work will leave their kids in kindergarten school but the parents never know whether the kids are safe in it and they cannot predict whether the kids get the proper education from the school. But if they join in stepping stones all the worries will end there because they provide wonderful programs for all the kids right from one year. The school provides an appropriate curriculum for the kids based on their age and development, the kid can either prepare to crawl or getting ready for kindergarten they will taken care and will be made stronger and knowledgeable. 

The stepping stones daycare has wonderful programs which will enhance the kid in cognitive functions, physical activities and environmental and social growth. Education is the main mission of the day care and it will help every kid to obtain a basic level of education within the end of the program. The wonderful programs offered by the day care are toddler and infant programs, programs for two years old, preschool education for three to four years, after and before school daycare programs. The transportation is provided for every kid before and after the school hours; before or after school day care and summer care is provided for the kids of busy parents. 

The day care provides wonderful features. They are state licensed to run the day care in the city, full time and part time care for all kids are provided. The school care after and before the school hours are provided for kids specially. The day care starts at morning 5.30 so people who are going to the office early can drop the kids in the daycare if they need to. Nutritious and hot meals are provided to all kids, the child assistance has got approved by DSS. The daycare is open on all Saturdays. People can leave their kids to school on weekends if necessary.

Mission of stepping stones daycare

The mission of the day care is to provide a safe, healthy and secure environment to the kids and to help the kids in building stronger self esteem and good respect. The programs provided by the school will help the kid to build its physical and mental ability and it also helps in the social and emotional growth of every kid. The main motive of the day care is that the children should learn from the curriculum and not repeat what the teacher teaches. 

Philosophy of stepping stones daycare

The stepping stones daycare follows good philosophy and goals, its main motive is to teach the kids about how things works and help to experiment and think about the world we live in. In the early days the kids knew about the world without the help of touching and sensing but in day care they would allow people to build blocks to create different shapes and sizes to identify the colors and relationships of it. Thus the day care will develop the kid into a stronger person in the world.       

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