Tricks to make the child come to you 

Generally, people like to play and make fun with children but if children will not come to the guest who is visiting his home because they are new to the child and the child feels fear. The age of the children likes to eat more chocolates or biscuits or any play with more toys. If I want that child to come me and wants to move friendly then there are some tricks are available which helps to let the children come to me and the possible tricks are:

  • If you give more chocolates or snacks to eat then it may have the chance to break the fear of the new person from the child. 
  • If you give any toys or play materials to the child then the child completely free from fear and give one cute smile to the guest
  • If the child is playing with the toys then if you whisper something in the child’s ears then the child feels happy.
  • Children like to go to shop outside of home often so if you say that you’re going out for the shop or any other place then the children will be happy to go out with you.
  • If you want to play with the kids but the child does not come to you then you just show your hands by holding something and ask the child to pick it from your hand which will be fun but you will be having the chance of getting the child towards you.
  • Children like video games and mobile games very much and if you show your mobile with a new funny or more adventure game then the child comes to you and plays with you.
  • Children like to see funny cartoon photos so if you show any cartoon video or any photo of the child’s favorite then it comes to you.
  • Children are interested in doing different activities like drawing or crafting or puzzle matching, etc so if you do the activity of the children like then it comes to you and join along with you and do the activities. 
  • Children likes different surroundings like flower garden or amusement park or zoo, etc if you take the children to different places then children will be happy and get attached to you immediately
  • If you do the things the child likes then the children get attached to you and enjoy being with you. 
  •  If you show more care and affection towards the child and give her all favors then the child gets to you easily. 
  • If you repeat the activities as the children do then the children feel happy after a few minutes and enjoy themselves by doing different funny things.

There are more tricks available to get the children close to you and if you use the tricks at the right time then the children gets to you immediately and get attached with you soon. 

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