City Education: Committed to the Academic Excellence 

City education should be such an institution or organization which is committed to academic excellence. Basically, when it comes to education, everyone in this world has the same rights in getting education as higher as they can possibly reach. Education belongs to every person, whether they are rich or poor, whether they are in an advanced or developed country, whether they are good or bad, whether they are still kids or adults, no matter what their background is. Even when you are in your late 50s, you will still need such education to keep you thinking and to actualize yourself. There is no need to be late. 

Knowing More about the Varieties of the Educational Systems

Education has started since you are still in the womb and continued soon after you were born, being a baby, being a kid, being a teenager, being an adult, being an old person, and still continuing until you are dead. Initially, education can be said to be a form of learning in which the skills, knowledge, and habits of a group of people are being transferred into other people. This process has basically been done through teaching somebody, training or even through some research. In terms of city education, education can always be done under the guidance of others, or even can be done auto didactically. 

Education is not only being done in such a formal class where there are teachers and students. However, anything which involves the process of thinking, acting, and feeling something can be said to be educational. As a matter of fact, city education can be divided into several stages from pre-school, primary school, secondary school, and college. Since anything which involves the process of thinking, acting, and feeling is considered to be educational, there are a minority of parents who tend to choose such home-schooling and e-learning for their children. This way, the attendance at school is no longer a must for the purpose of getting a good city education system. 

What is Good about Formal and Informal Education? 

In fact, education can be done through formal and informal settings, as well as in city education. That is why; in this era of advanced technology, there are more and more people who tend to choose such home-schooling or e-learning methods due to their business and their lifestyle. Thus, if you want to get the official certificate from courses or city schools anywhere in the world, you do not need to come to a certain country to get it. All you have to do is just sit in front of your computer or laptop at home or in the office, and with the connection to the internet, you can follow all the lecturers online and do your examination online. For your additional information, formal education takes place in such a structured environment with methods in teaching students. This kind of formal education usually involves some trained and professional teachers, classrooms, students, multimedia laboratory, student-teacher interaction, curriculum, methods of assessment, some educational activities, and many more things. Furthermore, it is always dependent on your decision whether you want to have such informatory or vocational education. Vocational education is known as a form of education which is focused on direct and practical training. And for those who are disabled and not eligible for public education, they can take a special education which is trained by a physician or special tutors. Thus, city education will provide you with the best educational system based on your needs and capability.

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