Child labor- a big threat to the nation

Children are the building blocks of every nation to make effective revolutions in the future world. So, they need to be educated in the best way for getting a prosperous and effective future. In the olden days, there were no facilities for educating the children and most of the people were suffering from poverty. So, these things were the reasons for the children to work instead of studying. Particularly, most of the children were seen working in various factories, quarries, mines, agriculture and different other fields in the twentieth century. However, it is quite a disgusting thing, because most of the children have been getting disappointed without getting any knowledge. In this article, you will see what is child labor in the most effective manner.

In most of the developing countries, child labor is becoming one of the most dangerous things, because if the children are not provided with the education, then it can cause a more threatening problem to that particular nation or the country. In fact, there are many factors that are behind the reasons for the child working. 

Child poverty is one of the reasons that makes children go to work instead of studying. Some of the recent research has said that over a third of all children in all the developing countries absolutely live in a very poor condition.  In fact, this is shocking news, because the poverty makes the child go for labor and not education.

In some other cases, children are getting into the field of working for the needs of the industries and factories.  By the way, some owners of the factories and leaders of the industries have spoken out putting the children to work and so they hired them for working in their industries. They thought that the pay scale of the children is not as much as the adults. For these reasons, the children are hired for most of the factories and mills, because most of the machines that they have used were something small.

In this manner, most of the working children were hired as an apprentice for the major occupations in the area. In this way, some of the occupations are as follows.

  • Cobbler
  • Iron foundry
  • Leather working
  • Lace making 
  • Blacksmith

Still, some other children are working in too dangerous conditions in industries like the glass factories, cotton mills, textile mills, shipyards, coal mines and many more.

However, it is one of the prohibited acts and it should be avoided, because it is the biggest threat to the nation. For this reason, the government has provided some laws for child laborers. According to that law, it is highly a vulnerable and prohibited act when the child is put to work in the industries. After the arrival of this law, child labor has reduced in recent days. In this manner, you can learn about child labor in the most effective way.

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