Characteristics of a good teacher

A great teacher is not someone who makes the classroom entertained and gives little homework. Perspective of students and people has changed on what makes a good teacher. A good teacher should share what he or she has learned in his life. Teaching is really hard work and there are some tutors who have never developed to be something better than mediocre. Only great teachers will work tirelessly to create a nurturing and challenging environment for the students. Let us see the important characteristics of a good teacher. If you want to become a good tutor, you should possess these characteristics. Ideas and opinions of every student vary and they should be valued by the teacher. Students must feel safe and free to express their opinions and learn to listen and respect others. The teacher must respect the students by creating a welcoming learning atmosphere for every student. 

The second characteristic of a great tutor is creating a sense of society and belonging in the classroom. The respect of teachers in the classroom can create a collaborative and supportive environment. There are certain rules for students to follow and certain jobs to do in this small group. So, every student will be aware that they are an integral and important part of the community. Next the tutor should be accessible, caring, warm and enthusiastic. He or she should be approachable to students as well as everyone on the campus. Students can share their problems and concerns with such a tutor. Great teachers have great listening skills and spend their busy time for someone who needs them. Next characteristic deciding on what makes a good teacher is that he or she will set great expectations for every student. The teacher realizes that her expectations from her students can affect their achievement greatly. There are teachers who just teach the things they are meant to. But only a good teacher will love learning new things and share these with students and others. Such teachers can inspire students by their passion for learning and education. They will renew themselves as professionals and provide high quality of education to the students. They should not have a fear of learning and using new teaching strategies. They will be willing to share things they have learned with their colleagues. 

Great tutor is a skillful leader who differs from administrative leaders. He will focus on teamwork and shared decision making as well as building a community. Only a great teacher is flexible to shift gears when a subject is not working. He can try out some new ways for presenting some material in order to ensure all students understand the concepts. Rather than thinking and deciding themselves as weak because they ask for help or suggestion, these teachers view collaboration as a method to learn something new from their fellow professionals. Finally great tutors maintain professionalism in every area including personal appearance, preparedness for every day and organization skills. Communication skills of them are exemplary, whether they are speaking with a student, colleague or an administrator.  

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