Aesop Education: Sharing the Success Stories of Worldwide Automated Substitute Placement 

Aesop education is serving more than 4000 school districts nationwide. It means that several years ago, all the access to the substitute placement and management system were run manually, these days with the era of the Aesop, the way the districts fill the absence of the employees has been revolutionized. In the Aesop website, you will not only be able to access the information related to the reviews and indications to the suspected fraud, but also all the information about the seriousness if there is such potentially dangerous software (malware). 

The Aesop Program Solutions for the Easiness in Life 

Since the era of advanced technology, you will be amazed that it will be extremely easy to find such Aesop education mobile apps for the ease and comfort in life. For the best reason, you will find some great advantages about dealing with Aesop education programs. First, you will be able to let the Aesop program automatically find the specified substitutes through the phones and the internet connection instead of spending many hours’ or even days in order to call the substitutes manually who are interested in the job. 

Meanwhile in case of reclaiming district cost, the districts will simply be able to save more money which they have spent on manually sub-calling. This is because they are now enabled to automatically call the preferred substitutes through calling the toll-free number or by logging on the Aesop online through the internet. Since this Aesop education program has been used with such real time visibility and a very easy access to the absence history, you will be able to limit the discretionary absences of the teachers so that you can improve the education at the same time. 

The Employee Self-Service of the Aesop Program 

One amazing thing about the Aesop education program is that you can have such free access to the data you need in the format that you need. For example, with such a drop and drag report writer application, you will simply be able to create your own report and then quickly export them into Excel and PowerPoint to make such a presentation. Moreover, with the increasing fill rate application in the Aesop, the districts will be able to reduce the cost along with the inconvenience of the unfilled classroom. As a matter of fact, it can be said that the Aesop program can boost up to 100% of fill rates due to the completely integrated phone and internet as well as the employee self-service. Aesop has created a simple way to solve the problems in which most districts are experiencing with manual sub-calling and outdated sub-calling systems. As a result, the Aesop education has continued to develop as the world’s most efficient, the fastest, and the most flexible way in managing the employee absences along with such qualified substitutes into the classroom.  

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