Aesop Education Automatic Absences System  for  Effective  Data Entry

Aesop education is the invention of the absence system in which the absence is substituted with an automatic placement system. This sophisticated absence system has served around more than 3.000 districts throughout the world since 27 October, when the Austin Independent School District launched the Aesop for changing the Sub finder that acts as the only source of district’s substitution placement. This invention of absence management is good to be used for teacher either professional or non professional, classified, and administrator’s substitution in both campus and district. 

See the Aesop Deeper

The Aesop education system has a lot of benefits. First, with the absence of substitution, that means there is no hardware equipment to be provided. This also happens to software and phone lines omitting cases. Second, this system involves full internet access that is delivered by internet and phone that can be used everywhere and every time. Besides, Aesop also becomes effective to not do the calling and absence data input manually because through Aesop, those whole systems are upgraded and substituted to automatic, handy, practical, and more efficient calling and absence reporting. 

There are some schools that use Aesop, one of which is Monroe Public School. Aesop education in this school allows the employees to input their attendance and absences automatically using Aesop frontline technologies. To access this, they can only need a phone or internet connection. In accessing Aesop, the employees’ Id is the phone number; meanwhile the pin has been given through email by the company. Meanwhile, there are some reminders to use the system. The example is when you want to change the reason code for the next absence you need to first tell the sub office. However, if there is anything to cover and you can’t use the absence filling anymore for a certain period, do not enter it on Aesop, but you need to visit the Human Resources to make a report. 

Another school that uses Aesop education’s absence automatic system is Prairie South School Division. Before using the Aesop system, this school’s Human Resources office had a huge demand of making data entries since the school covers large geographic areas. After using  Aesop, the school finds that the division’s payroll system consumes less time and saves around 5 to 6 hours in making data entry each day. As seen in the Canada Aesop report, The Division Human Resource officer, Bistretzan, said “We used to have paper forms for Everything. Aesop has saved us not only a lot of paper but a lot of time, because I can just look and approve, and we’re approving ahead of the absences, whereas before, most of the time, it was after the absence had occurred.”

The Prove of Sophisticated Technology 

Aesop education can be reached using sophisticated and smart applications found in apple store, which is aesop education iphone app. In order to use this, you just need to first activate the Javascript and then select an icon that features setting options in your home screen. After that, choose the Safari option and the application can be run well. Besides Apple, Aesop also has launched Aesop mobile site that offer full access to the user such as absences cancellation, daily report viewer, substitute assignment, absences approval, and web alerts viewer.  

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