Youth plays an important role for development of the country

Today youth plays an important role in the development of the country. For the development of the country education plays a major role where today uneducated people are less when compared with olden days. There are many levels that can be handled for education i.e. primary level of education then secondary level of education and university degree. Government makes an effort to educate each and every child in this world so the government offers many scholarships for the children who do not have money to lend for their studies where it can be taken under the Compulsory Education Act 2009. Some people who have money make their children learn in private sectors for their education. An educated person is respected by everyone and they have the knowledge to tackle the problem they are facing in their life.

To know each and every incident occurs around all over the world by news channels. Reporters are also an important icon in our country because they collect various incidents occurring throughout the world and give reports to the people by telecasting them on television. People who like to know the updated information which is happening all around the world they can check in newspapers as well as television channels which helps you to get national and international information. Due to technology development you can also get news updates within your hand by giving net connection to your mobile and there are a lot of websites also available which gives more information related to channels and online is so fast in getting updated news when compared with telecasting in television. You can get regular updates about political, social, weather conditions and so on.

One of the important tools which are used for communication purposes is media. There are many types of media networks available which include social network, radio, magazines, newspaper and television. Today the internet plays a major role where you can get all your information needed within a second. Social networks are used for communication purposes where they can share their updates by uploading images or posting status. Radio is an important task where it can be used for both entertainment purposes as well knowing the information that happens around and radio plays an important role in olden days because there is no network connection or newspaper facility in that time radio plays an important to get regular updates. Today the media is increasing day-by-day where many people are able to communicate and get their information in a short while.

Home is an important place for all people living in this world, which protects you from the weather. Even a person can live without food but none can live without the shelter so shelter is an important one. Many people like to construct their own house for that kind of government giving housing loans for them. Many people are living on the platform because of their poverty line. The government helps those people by giving houses for their shelter. Many countries’ governments have separate departments for deals with housing such as Urban Development and so on. 

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