How to control the little children to stay with you 

The children are the most precious gift from the god where the children have no worries and no tears and just to move around here and there to enjoy their life. Today most of the children were more adamant. If you want little children to come towards you then you have to use some tricks. If you ask the children to come nearby you the children will not respond to you properly but if you keep whispering in the child’s ear then it will give you a good response and move towards you. If you call the little child to come nearby sometime it won’t come to you but if you tell him that we will go outside and buy chocolates then immediately it will come towards you. But nowadays children like video games very much so if you tell the children that you’re going to play the video games then children come to you with more enjoyment. Children like mobile phones very much to play games. If you show any new games on your mobile or any funny videos then it will come towards you. If you say that you’re going out for the shop or any other purpose then the little children come along with you and if you give any favorite of the children like then children will come with you. If you say that you’re going to an ice cream parlor or park then children come to you happily. If you’re in the mood then if you tell the children to come it won’t come to you but if you say any one her favorite then the children come with you and forget about their worries.

The little children don’t have fear and worries and if the children hears any sounds like whispering they won’t get any fear in his heart but it comes towards the sound from where it hears. The little children come to the place without any fear until they get to see the wired things from the place. If the parents want too little children towards them you can use the technique of wiping the feet of the child softly or in the neck where the child gets a new feel then a little child will come towards you. If the child gets to see any attraction from your action then it will come to you and play with you and if you show your hands and ask to pick it up then the child will come too immediately. If you play like this with the child often then the child will get attached to you easily and if you call once then children will come to you. if you visit to any of your relation home on any special occasion where if any child in the home and if you want to come little children to you then show any different material like keychain or any cover or any purse then the children will come to you to pick it from you. 

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