Extraordinary trainings given by skip barber racing school to car racers

The skip barber racing school for the children is one the world’s top racing schools. It conducts corporate entertainment schools, racing schools, driving schools and expert racing championships. At first, skip barber started this school with four students and borrowed two formula race ford cars. And now they have nearly 120 race cars and they visit nearly thirty tracks in Canada and the United States. Later in 2007 barber racing school affiliated with Mazda Motor Corporation offered vehicles to the school. In North America this school conducts racings, participates in racing competitions, racing championships and also participates in corporate and OEM events. The school is teaching driving, control of braking systems, emergency braking techniques, slide control, skid control, teaching clear vehicle dynamics, cornering techniques and also teaching other techniques involved in controlling cars.

From 1975 onwards barber racing school is giving training to the winners of motorsports and champions of car racers in an international level compared to any other organizations. They provide best racing training and develop the controlling skills of the car to the racer. The racers trained at this institute wins championship in major events like NASCAR’S sprint cup, Indy 500, Indy car series, American Le Mans and nationwide series. From 1893 the barber racing school trained racers of about one third members of whole Indy 500 racers and one fourth of the NASCAR’S sprint cup competition racers. Skip Barber racing alumni won the entire auto racing competitions in the United States.

Offering from the barber racing school for the children

The schools train the champions where the race is held in North America at nearly 20 race tracks. The teaching includes auto crossing, down shifting (heel and toe) & braking, large speed lapping sessions, teaching racings based on racing theory & braking techniques, racing in rain and finally one file restart & two file race starts. The reason for conducting programs or event classes is to create awareness about how to develop car controlling skills and also understanding the vehicle dynamics. Give out complete teaching along with practicing for an hour with trained professionals in the industry. The driving schools are located in five important places in North America.

 The entry level racing is conducted by Mazda for the racers, and this takes the racers to participate in every season and takes them to the next level of bigger racings. Side by side they also receive the instructions and feedback from the skip barber racing teacher or instructor.  A racing series called skip barber cup is conducted for the racer or drivers at age 26, who like to participate in the professional series, but are not willing to become a full time expert racer. The corporate events conduct custom racings or any racing programs for companies in the event to educate, entertain and give rewards. OEM events training related to automotive, consultation and deductions. The skip barber racing school for the children  has 60 formula open wheel cars, Mazda mx-5 cup cars, and 60 formula 2000 race cars and also has 75 passenger cars.

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