Department of Education: Proper Education for Every Citizen

Department of education has such a very important role in the society for taking care of all problems and things related to the education. Basically, education is quite important for everyone. Since babies are in the womb, they have learnt so many things in life. Everyone needs to be educated in order to gain such a better future and to expand the horizon of technology and knowledge. And every citizen all around the world has the right to get the best education program. 

Giving the Proper Functions of the Educational System

Education is pretty important to reduce the numbers of ignorance, poverty, and backwardness. By being educated, people will tend to afford to do something better for their environment and society. Then, they will be able to create such a better living space, a better environment, and a better human civilization. With education, some countries can transform into such a big and wealthy country. Thus, most of the countries which count to be part of developing countries will need to make their education programs as high as possible. And this is the significant role of the Department of Education.

Moreover, this article will mainly discuss education in the United States of America. It consists of the educational system to the educational function. In fact, the education system in the United States has decentralized, and both the Department of Education and the federal government are not too involved in deciding curricula in schools or any educational standards. However, the control for the quality of the educational institutions is basically similar to other countries all around the world. 

The Missions of the Educational Department

Education means that there would be plenty of things which needed to be taken care of including the education system in all levels of education, any obstructions related to the education, the development of the education center, and many more things to do. In the USA, the Department of Education is likely to be a cabinet department in the US government system. The Department of Education Organization Act has been signed into such law by Jimmy Carter, the President, on 17 October 1979. This Public Law had started to operate on 4 May 1980.
Besides the educational system, goals, and its functions, this article will also discuss more about the education’s mission. Actually, the mission of the educational department in the United States is to promote both preparations to a global competitiveness as well as students’ achievement by ensuring such equal access for everyone and by fostering educational excellence. This is considered to be the main goal of the department of higher education. And for more additional information, the Department of Education also has one great goal for getting proper education for homeless and runaway youth around the United States.

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