Creating the cultural awareness for the children

Some of the children will go abroad for their work or for their holidays. In that place they should not behave as they want, it will be amusing to others. If we are moving to some place we should try to know more about the culture and also about the child so that they can be normal while speaking with them. This will happen in most of the places, like a new fresher employee going to the office for the first day and taking everything as granted will make the employee look bad. To avoid this problem the employee should be aware of the ideologies that are followed in the company to avoid such unusual things. Cultural awareness should be followed by every child so that the place will be more likely to have a good situation.  Culture will differ country to country. Developing the culture awareness is difficult but understanding the cultural awareness will make a drastic change. Consider you are going for a festival to another country in which you will find their own culture and the tradition followed in the other country.

Developing the cultural awareness

It is the ability to stand back and to gain the knowledge about the belief, values and the perceptions. Cultural awareness is the central part that we need to learn when we talk about the countries. When talking with the children of different countries it is important to have awareness in the culture so that we can avoid some worse situations. When going to a festival that belongs to a different culture, the first thing that we need to do is be aware of the festival so that we can enjoy the festival. Interrupt and evaluate the things in different ways so that you will understand the culture in a different way. In the case of the Italians they will spend their lunch and dinner with the family enjoying the day. They won’t be feeling that they are wasting their time. But in the case of the Americans they will spend their lunch and dinner discussing business. It is not the fact that Italians are lazy and Americans are business oriented, it is the fact that their culture is different for the children.

Aware of the culture

There are many aspects in the country which make the culture transparent. The first thing is the communication, in which the child will be having different languages for different countries. Knowing the communication is also a type of awareness in building the culture. The next is the observation and the sensitivity in which knowing the target market will be good for learning the different culture. The next aspect is the flexibility in which doing the business in different places enables child to know more about the culture. The final aspect is the self awareness in which the child should learn the culture in the country so that it will not be difficult at the time of cultural evaluation. One should be aware of the culture that is followed in different places which will make them understand the child around them.

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