Choose stepping stones daycare and give your child a quality education

Education plays an important role in a child’s life, the proper knowledge of education can be provided by choosing the best schools in town. At present one of the most awarded and best schools for all kids is stepping stones, because it has many special programs for kids of ages between one and five. Office-going parents can leave their kids in this school and they can take home their kids when they leave their office. The school provides day care facility to all the kids before and after school hours, the transportation facility is also provided to all the kids present in the school. 

Summer care and part time, full time care are provided to kids who are interested, the stepping stones daycare conducts special summer camp for all the kids. In summer camp they will teach many skills and improve a child’s personality. The school concentrates on a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development. At the end of the school program the kid will act wisely and be able to manage all her personal activities. The day care programs are for infants, toddlers, two year old kids, three year old kids and pre- KG program for kids aged between four and five. These programs will make kids enthusiastic learners and it will help the kids to think and act alone in his or her own way.

The school will encourage each and every kid and make them create their own ideas and help them to implement it. The main motto of stepping stones is to make the kid an independent and confident learner, the things which are learnt from the school will help the kid throughout their lifetime. It will nourish them and make them a best human being in their country, so why wait to go ahead and enrol the kid today. 

Social and emotional development 

The day care helps the kids to mingle along with groups and they will teach them to act responsible along with group members. The kids will learn to express their inner feelings outside and will respect all the elders in the right manner. The child will act in a confident way and it will have good positive thoughts. They will now cooperate with others and they will get experience in music, drama and arts. They will get self control and will act in a responsible way. 

Cognitive and physical development        

The stepping stones daycare will teach kids about the science and maths so they will aware of it and will get interested to learn. The school will encourage the kids in experiment, exploration and good observation. They will help in kids’ reading and writing ability, the school members concentrate on language development and they will concentrate in kids listening and speaking activities. The kids will get knowledge about problem solving and they will understand the classification of relations. The school will train kids physically by teaching small muscle skills and help in their eye and hand coordination.          

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